Monday, March 31, 2008

4 Beach Glamour Girls

Ok, so I began a new project today in my art/guest room. (May I add that I painted while I watched my first episode the bachelor this year...and my last. That guy is the least sincere bachelor they could have chosen and it is obvious of his intentions. I will continue to boycott.) The receiver of this painting is going to be super surprised to receive this...being one of my bestest friends who has not received a painting from me... ever! Here it is after one night. The quality isn't great since I took it with the blackberry....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Growing Up with the Scarbrough Girls

This is not an art project or really even my own material. But I thought it still deserves a post because of all the work that went into making it happen the past year! It was an idea a Christmas or two ago - to surprise my Dad and finally publish the short stories he has written throughout our childhood. Jill helped make it happen and with Carol's support and Mom's help from home we got it done. (I am the one on the far right. My middle sis, Carol, is on the very left. Little sis Jill is the one in the middle.) Just today I noticed it is for sale at Barnes N Noble. Pretty cool, huh? The publisher, Xlibris, also has it on their website!