Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stop and smell the flowers...

...or if you are me...stop (at the redlight) and take a picture (or two or three) of the clouds. I am constantly looking to get better at the art of painting clouds. Something happened to me during college in my painting classes. I started to look at the colors within colors. Who would have imagined that a green leaf can have orange,reds and greens in it?

Have you ever noticed the many different kinds of clouds? Well, have you noticed them since you were in 4th grade science class? Some are whispy, some are heavy/dark on the bottom, and then you have the picture perfect cotton clouds. These are the picture perfect cotton clouds (otherwise known as cumulus with a stratus or two up top...thank you google).

They will be PERFECT to study for a paiting. One thing is certain, when I go to paint clouds or a sunset...there is never one to go look at outside. So this is just the reason I got my camera. WHICH, I have a great new camera to take great new shots. But that is another post!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jill Graduates from college next weekend...

....I know. Really? Am I getting this old? Her subtle request were these so I was challenged to do them within 24 hours before I jet off to Austin, TX on Sunday. Minus a few issues, I did it!