Saturday, November 29, 2008

Map Art

First off....HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am still not at my house and still not painting. (That will change soon, though. I have taken off Friday afternoons till the end of the year!)

I HAVE learned something else pretty cool...another useless talent. I can create maps. Do not be confused. This can be used for more events besides weddings (or so I am telling myself). How cool is THIS?

It even has a little "how-to" section that taught me this skill. Brilliant thinkers. Carol gets married in 49 days (but who is counting). Hopefully nobody will be lost.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I have been boring lately. I have done a lot of traveling and absolutely no painting.

I DID stop by the Moss Rock art show on the way out of town this past month and it was super great. I literally took the exit on a whim since it was going on and on my way home. It was worth it. I ran into some great long lost friends and I am really considering that show next year. We shall see!

I DO have two new 'toys.' I found a 'new' art store in Bham that I think I will frequent more often (I think I went to them in college and had forgot). It's no Hobby Lobby (ok maybe better but not as cheap and convenient).

I have this nice new little color wheel (see below) and this cool bucket of wax. The color wheel is a nice little helper. I was having a hard time lately mixing my colors. For $10 it best be worth it!

The wax is in place of the oleopasto I have been on the hunt for. I want to give my paintings more texture and I am hoping this will do it! We shall see! I have to read the directions a few more times. Once I finally use it I will share! Once again, I am out this weekend. It seems the holiday craziness started early this year!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Finished (maybe) Product

Why do I paint in oils? Well, mostly because they take a long time to dry. That is a good thing for me and my attention span. Yes, they are messy and smelly and hard to clean BUT I can continue to work and blend on a picture for a week or so at a time.

Sometimes I wind up leaving a painting for weekS at a time and it dries up. I kick myself everytime. It happened this time. The colors I blended for the painting are all dried up. The canvas is dry. It is hard to match colors. Grrr.

Remind me not to do this again. :)