Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updates - Triumph Art Show and Etc

Thank you to my amazing friend (/little) and art show supporter, Ashley Vines.  She made me take this picture at the art show when we stopped by.  Otherwise I would have been shy and would have regretted not taking the picture.  I actually met the girl today at the Magic City Art Show who purchased the painting.  I am more than flattered and am waiting to see how the other paintings fare.

It's been a somber week around Alabama. I am extremely blessed and so are most of my friends and coworkers.  An event like this makes you grateful for all you have when you see pictures of those who have lost everything....just miles away.  I have heard many sad, depressing stories.  In fact, I have had to pry myself away from radio and tv.  Today I visited the Boy Scout troop drop off in Vestavia loaded with water, diapers, and batteries.  They were working tirelessly and the amount they have collected is simply amazing.  That is just one small Boy Scout troop.  Examples like that are all across town.  The help and support from the community and across the country is heartwarming. 

I had my fence built 2 days before the storms hit.  We knew storms were on the way and I wanted to get it built before the rain while I had a "not-so-busy-week."  I am lucky it is still standing and tried to ensure it's going to last for a long time by painting it today with polyurethane.  Not exactly the painting I like to do but I hope it pays off...

Off to paint.  I did some paint room organizing when I was without power.  It was needed!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Art Show...

I delivered these paintings to Triumph Services today.  The show is a week from this Thursday.  (By that time I will be on summer vacation...yea!)

Fish Out of Water 2 (30x40)

Girl towers (10x20?)

Couple Dancers (16x20)

Dance Floor (16x20)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Calm after the storm...

It is amazing how BEAUTIFUL a day can be after a storm.  My azaleas LOVED the rain.  I was going to give them another day before I photographed but I couldn't wait.

I also wanted to show my growing list of precious invites (baby announcements and showers).  My friends are multiplying! Two years ago these would have been wedding showers!  I will never get sick of invites.  To me, invitations are art that is unfortunately becoming extinct (or rather morphing into an online medium).  It was my dream in college to open an invitation/stationary store.  I still haven't completely let it go...

(P.S. I think vuvox is having a problem.  My slideshow has been mia (along with their website).  No complaints...after is free. :))

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fish Out of Water 2 - Take 3

I wish I had better lighting but, yet again, it is late at night.  I spent the last several hours on cost accounting and made myself finish a chapter before I had a break.  The break, much like college, was painting!  Here is the painting...round 3.  I may touch up a few things in passing but I am rather pleased with it!

(Reminder: This is for the Triumph Art Show!)

On another note, my social media class has me exploring different website and blog options.  This is why you might see my site changing daily.  I plan to spend some time with the blog in May.  Of course I have said that before I already have a jam-packed May.  Stay tuned.

For now I must work on using Goop (as featured in other blog posts and used even more than that) to get the paint out of my new City Grocery T-Shirt.  It is officially initiated. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fish Out of Water Take 2

Still a-working...I should have waited until it was dry.  It started to get muddy so I had to stop...for now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fish Out of Water 2 - Prepping for the art show

I have been hard at work.  I am donating some of my old pieces to the art show but I wanted to complete at least one newer one.  Look familiar?  Instead of a marlin I am going with a sailfish.  Stay tuned!