Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ann's Magnolia - Framed

When Ann (my aunt) passed a way last month I knew I couldn't let go of this painting.  There is no doubt she and my Mom were my blog's top viewers.  On top of that, she loved magnolias.  I thought I was a crafter until I spent an extra long weekend in New England at her house.  She puts me to shame (in the organization department as well).  I will always look at this painting and be reminded of her!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Photography Class

I had come to terms that my pup would never learn to love the camera.  Then this happened.

Something changed.  Sure, I learned the focus beep was not helping the situation but it wasn't until this week that Brody really felt comfortable in front of the camera.  I am THRILLED.  This comes at the perfect time.  Photography classes have been on my mind for some time.  Thanks to a Groupon and Sarah's encouragement, classes start Wed at the Bham School of Photography.  I cannot be more excited!   I have taken one class before BUT it was pre-digital...so this should be fun.  I think a little photoshop is even involved...