Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Light! (at the end of the tunnel)

So tonight I finished the invites! Well, technically. I have seen GREAT improvement of my work. In fact, I have decided to go back and redo the beginning few now I know I have extras. (Yes, close friends. You will now be getting envelopes!) I was going to put the "before and after" examples up on this blog but the "before" envelopes make me cringe. SO enjoy these afters!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Copperpoint Calligraphy!

You may be wondering why I have no recent updates. This is because I am intently working on my calligraphy skills for Nancy's wedding invitaitions. It all began when I took a class a couple of months ago here in Birmingham. Shortly after, the best friend/roomie got engaged. Nancy has so graciously let me do all her wedding invitations. I am getting some great practice. After hundreds of invitations, how can I not?! I have already improved tremendously on time AND accuracy. One learns that the TV can be the worst distraction...causing yourself to write what you hear instead of what you see! It's hard to get any great examples now because I do not want to display names and addresses but I will get some up soon!