Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chair Recovering - Memorial Day Project

Before/after pictures are the best.  Luckily I located the "before" picture this morning.

I have this shot of an old chair cushion. They came with the chairs I bought back in 2005 for very little! They were a Columbus find.
I didn't want to spend a lot of money recovering the cushions but my tush was getting store when studying (the padding had worn down along with the fabric itself).  The studying starts back up next week so I really wanted to get these done this weekend.  I am very impressed how they turned out.  Did you know to cut foam you can use an electric carving knife?  I bought one just for the occasion.  Best $14 ever spent!

This is the war zone.  Note the electric carver.

Old cushion vs new cushion...

Lining up the fabric

AND the finished products...


The fabric was from HOBBY LOBBY!

I may or may not have caused myself 3 injuries (with blood) throughout this project.  Not too surprising...this is why I should stick to painting.