Saturday, February 28, 2015

Home Watercolor: Walt and Desiree'

This surprise house watercolor is headed to Chattanooga for Walt and Desiree'!  It features Gracie and Jack in the front. It took a few tries to get a blue I like but the fourth time was the charm! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Amber Commission: Finley's Dress

My VERY first blog post, in October 2007, was for Amber! Amber has been a friend of mine since... was it 7th grade?  The 2007 painting was for her son's nursery, who is now a big brother to two sisters! 

This painting is for Amber's oldest daughter.  Amber has a precious picture of her daughter twirling in her favorite yellow dress. It was the perfect inspiration!  Yes, I painted a face on this painting (something I am normally terrified of doing). 
One of the hardest parts about photographing a wet picture is also the most beautiful (and my favorite part about oil paintings - you can see every brush stroke).

Monday, February 2, 2015

Kasey's Watercolor Commission: "Just Trust Me"

Kasey came to me with a painting idea for her dental office.  She's had this picture for quite awhile and holds it close to her heart.  It depicts human nature. We want to hold onto something so small (like a teddy bear) when God has something much bigger in store. I was nervous at first since watercolors are still fairly new to me, but I am proud of the final result.  Here's to hoping Kasey (and her patients!) enjoy it for many years!