Sunday, February 15, 2015

Amber Commission: Finley's Dress

My VERY first blog post, in October 2007, was for Amber! Amber has been a friend of mine since... was it 7th grade?  The 2007 painting was for her son's nursery, who is now a big brother to two sisters! 

This painting is for Amber's oldest daughter.  Amber has a precious picture of her daughter twirling in her favorite yellow dress. It was the perfect inspiration!  Yes, I painted a face on this painting (something I am normally terrified of doing). 
One of the hardest parts about photographing a wet picture is also the most beautiful (and my favorite part about oil paintings - you can see every brush stroke).

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Linda said...

Adorable! I think you did a terrific job. I know you're a little hesitant to "do" faces....but I'm thinking you nailed this one! Hope Amber likes it. Precious daughter!!