Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dean's Nursery Painting - Completed!

Dean's painting is done just in time for him and his family to visit this weekend. I am so excited to meet him. Next up... I am experimenting with a new Hobby Lobby discovery!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Double Decker Arts Festival (Oxford, MS)

My past weekend was spent here:

The Double Decker Festival (Oxford, MS) had a 24 hour delay due to the severe weather that passed through.  We were spared but unfortuantely Yazoo City was not.  It is amazing how beautiful the sky can appear after a storm.  Driving home was the perfect example.   I think this would make a perfect painting. (So perfect that I turned around and stopped the car for a picture.)

And before I forget...I left the show with this...thanks to my parents for the unexpected early bday gift!  It's a magnolia ( Mississippi appropriate).

Stay tuned for some artwork updates. I am motivated!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sod - Backyard Makeover

This is not technically art related.  (I guess you can put a landscape art twist on it if you wanted.)  Last weekend my sweet parents came and helped me with my backyard. (We ended up getting some additional help.  Big thanks to Lance and Matt for being on-call).  I tried to prepare Dad for the worst.  Hopefully I built it up so it didn't end up TOO bad. The first 3 pics are examples of what we had to work with (including a tribute to the streets to my house)!

And of course I can't resist a good before and after...

Isn't it wonderful?! 

Dean's Painting - Update

It's almost done...waiting on it to dry so I can add wording!

Dean made an early appearance and surprised us all!  I am sure he won't notice it will get there a little late...isnt he a cutie?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dean's painting

My bff, Ginny, is having a baby. (It is still sinking in.) Little Dean needs some art on the walls, and since he will be here in a MONTH, he takes priority! It needs time to dry, be packaged up, and sent to Florida! I'll let you guess the nursery theme. :)
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Miss me? (my recent travels)

Last week I made it to Texas, Florida, and Illinois. It made for a great mini Spring Break, although I was working half of it. 6 years later I still get spring fever and the itch to travel. I left my pocket camera at my first stop in Dallas. I am actually glad I did because it forced me bring my DSLR to Florida/Chicago.  

Having my DSLR with me was the most fun!  When my days of client visits were over in Florida I would "b-line" to take pictures before the sun set.  I had the perfect weather and I am so very thankful.

After Florida I headed to see a friend in Chicago and perfected the role of tourist.  The trip was a blast.  I wish I was going back this weekend.  I keep trying to find the best way to share my pictures.  I think they are fun (I may be biased).  I paint primarily from pictures so we will see what comes out of these.  I am going to try to share via flickr this time. 

Pompano Beach, Hillsboro Inlet, Lighthouse Point:

Ft. Lauderdale:


*In case you were pocket camera was found and given to Ryan, which made its way home by way of Ohio. I was disappointed in myself but not surprised, if you know me and cameras.