Monday, April 13, 2015

More Dog Doodles...Toby and Mia

Brody's watercolor was just the beginning.  I went on to paint my nephew dog, Toby, for my brother in law's birthday surprise.  This is Toby's pensive look.

Then I went on and painted Mia for Sarah.  When I think of Mia, I think of her head tilt.  So of course I had to paint it in the photo.  Sarah met us in Utah to ski this past week so I was able to hand deliver the painting below in person.  I meant to get a photo of us in Park City with the painting but I got wrapped up in the excitement of the surprise delivery and forgot! 
I am still working on the best way to photograph/scan/share the images with you.  It's as they say...practice makes perfect!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Printer Purchase: Canon Pixma Pro 100

I am the proud owner of a new, professional inkjet printer.  Never did I imagine how much goes into paper choices, dye vs pigment ink, etc.  I will spare you the details.  I will tell you...I LOVE this printer.  The output lives up to the outstanding reviews.

The goal is to make quality reproductions of my artwork in house.  I can already scan my watercolors.  One day I am going to get the 'Oxford Oils' (Mom and Dad's Square Books and City Grocery) scanned for reproduction, too.   I can print directly onto watercolor paper for excellent reproduction.  It will even handle canvas paper.

But for now I will stick to note cards.  I have a Red River Paper shipment coming later this week.  If you know me, you know I have loved this stuff for a long, long time.   It combines my love for computers and art!

Doggy Doodle: Brody

I started to doodle last week and came up with my first Brody watercolor original!
Then I was able to snap this picture.  The quality isn't great and please ignore the dust on the shelves.  Shift your focus to the look on Brody's face next to his painting on the shelf.  I wonder what he is thinking!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Home Watercolor: Lindsey and Darren

The latest watercolor is going to Lindsey and Darren.  In fact, they are scheduled to receive it tomorrow.  I THOUGHT I had gotten the pictures off my camera when I reformatted my memory card.  I hadn't.  Sadly.  So these are the only 2 pictures I have on my phone.  Emma and Bailey are featured in the front yard.  They are the cutest pair.

I had some help of my own (Brody) painting this one!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Home Watercolor: Walt and Desiree'

This surprise house watercolor is headed to Chattanooga for Walt and Desiree'!  It features Gracie and Jack in the front. It took a few tries to get a blue I like but the fourth time was the charm! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Amber Commission: Finley's Dress

My VERY first blog post, in October 2007, was for Amber! Amber has been a friend of mine since... was it 7th grade?  The 2007 painting was for her son's nursery, who is now a big brother to two sisters! 

This painting is for Amber's oldest daughter.  Amber has a precious picture of her daughter twirling in her favorite yellow dress. It was the perfect inspiration!  Yes, I painted a face on this painting (something I am normally terrified of doing). 
One of the hardest parts about photographing a wet picture is also the most beautiful (and my favorite part about oil paintings - you can see every brush stroke).