Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas Cards

Now it's officially December, I feel like I can share my Christmas card.  

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my house to yours!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adventure to the Dept of Archives - Homeowner Photos

First of all, thanks to Julie Young for this wonderful idea.  If you know someone who is a new homeowner with an older house, you might want to take note. 

Hunter had a birthday a couple weeks ago (I was happy for the excuse).   He just bought a house this past August in an older area of Bham.  Julie  had given some friends of hers (new homeowners) the best gift - old pictures of their houses from the archives of the library!  She and I snuck away one lunch to do some research....

We climbed down to the basement of the Birnimgham public library (adjacement to the courthouse and Lynn park for those of you who are familiar with Bham).  The archives department means business.  You have to check your bags in a locker in order to be allowed to access the files.

Julie had already called with the addresses so she had the needed parcel numbers.  We were in luck!  Both files had pictures. Most do.  In the files you can also find the original homeowners, how much they paid for the house, and what year the picture was taken.

You will notice there are two pictures. The picture on the left is where Hunter grew up. With a little digging Julie and I were able to find the address. Actually, sweet Julie went back one lunch to get his childhood house picture because I was stuck at work. She was able to find his parents' address through old phone books. He and I drove by his childhood house probably about a week before but there was NO WAY I could remember the address.

The picture on the left was taken in 1938 (I believe - this is from memory) and the one on the right was taken in 1955. I don't know if you can tell, but the one on the right has a for sale sign in the front. It is pretty neat!

His childhood home had an actual photograph in the file we had copied and then scanned. It had writing (lot # and etc) all over the picture but my friend Kyndall Waters (using her mad photoshop skills) was able to remove the writing! The picture on the right (his new house) had a negative so we had to place an order and come back to pick up the DVD with the picture. It was ready in time for his birthday with a little stalking on my part.

Now some advice on printing. The pictures are odd sizes and don't fit the normal 4x6 or 5x7 frames of today without cropping a large part of the picture. I wanted to get the whole picture so I had  mattes cut to fit the pictures at Hobby Lobby. After trips to Walgreens and Ritz, I ended up just printing on photo paper with my inkjet at my house to get the correct sizes.  It was worth it.  Hunter asked me what I was doing or thinking one day.  I didn't want to say, "Oh nothing. Just examining the color of your moulding."  I was trying to match the matte colors to his moulding.  Did you know there are about 6 colors of off white?! 

I know you can't see the pictures great but I do think they turned out well....

UPDATE:  Here is the picture of Claire's house!  She and Hunter bought their houses about the same time.  Claire's house is from the 30's.  Isn't it great?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Photography

I really do think this is the longest painting hiatus I've had since I picked back up after college.  But that is ok, because I have been enjoying my new toy.  It is much easier to transport than painting supplies.  I will leave you with a couple of my favorite fall pics.....
With Hunt hiking Ruffner to see the Bham sunset (click to enlarge and see the buildings in the distance)!

This is from my own backyard (practically)...International Park.

I am going to try to keep my favorite pictures here: so check for updates!  Included already are some modeling shots from Claire's crew (animals).

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Girl

Why am I this happy? (pictures compliments of bess...she wouldn't let me post the very first was taken of her!)

Because of this.  I got it in preparation for Australia...

The back screen and the features are definitely an upgrade.  I am THRILLED!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall has arrived!

Since I haven't picked up a paintbrush lately and may not for is some fall decor to get you in spirit!

This is my first craft project (many to come) from Pinterest!  Thanks, Hunt!

It makes me happy when I come home from work.  What's even better...I don't have to water it. 

Bess and I utilized our Whole Foods Groupons during a lunch took us about 15 minutes to pick out the perfect mum!

I am a sucker for pumpkins.  Thank you Western in Vestavia...they had SO MANY cool ones!

Happy 6th fall from the house!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Godwin Girls' Door Sign

The secret is out!  Allison had her twin girls.  I had a little something waiting on them....  

It seems like yesterday Riley was born!
I apologize for the poor photography.  It was night and I was lacking light (and the pictures were still wet/shiny)!  I was working with a quick deadline.  I received notice Allison was in the hospital about a month ago and panicked because these were not yet completed.  Needless to say, those girls weren't quite ready to come into the world yet, but I wouldn't know that.  The signs were in the mail the next day.

Congrats to Michael and Allison...I can't wait to meet Currey Elizabeth and Mary Pace! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Isn't it ironic...

don't ya think?

Thanks to Sarah and Cecil for pointing out the irony in this picture.  Leaky roof...umbrella.  I just moved this painting upstairs a few weeks ago, too.

Darn you tropical storm, Lee!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pinterest and Etsy

Those of you who know me well know my new obsession, Pinterest.  Think of it as electronically categorizing your magazine tear-outs.  It is hard to explain but in a matter of days I have become a fan.  It is a great place to organize ideas (that might have been formerly bookmarks and etc).  I am going to use it to keep track of my ideas....I have a board dedicated for my art inspirations and ideas.  Here is a glimpse:

If I only had more time these days I would fill it up!

Also my friend Julie is having fun these days with art, too.  She has some sketches and is having with with Etsy after a mutual friend bought some similar prints online herself.  So fun!  Vintage Violet Couture

P.S.  9/8/2012 Update: Obsessed with Pinterest more than ever before.  Check out my boards now!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sailfish painting

Remember this painting?  It found a home.  I am rather obsessed with navy and white so when I spotted this set and pillow at the Pottery Barn outlet (for a steal)...I went for it.  Catherine can tell you, it wasn't without debate.  But I must say, it was worth it! I am tempted to put it in my room downstairs for a change...
Always fun to see paintings in their new home...

I hope to get back to the art room soon.  It's been awhile.  Two words.  Summer school.  Good news is that in two weeks I will be done with summer school and on the home stretch!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Update

I have new tabs at the top labeled "about me" and "portfolio."  They are linked to actual pages.  Blogger has come a long way over the years.

I'll try my best from now on to keep my paintings categorized and organized into the portfolio page/slides because they are all over the place now! I have been on a cleaning/organizing spree like no other these past few continues now on the blog!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

City Grocery Update 3

Do you remember City Grocery Update 2?  Probably not because it was over a YEAR AGO.  I kid you not.  What DID I do with this past year?
March 2010
May 2010
June 2011
I am vowing not to stop or rather START anything until I am finished!  I worked on it a little today.  It doesn't look like I did much but I did.  The white columns may be the last thing I tackle since I plan to do it with the opaque white and hope to cover any imperfections!   It will come together in the end much like Dad's Square Books picture.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hobby Lobby Birthday

I am SO very excited to paint this weekend and FINALLY finish one of my paintings (so I hope).  My upstairs has been 88 degrees...a HOT 88 degrees.  Currently it is 72.  We are in business thanks to a new AC coil!

My high school friend, Hayley, was in a wedding with me a couple weeks ago for another high school friend.  How well does she know me?  Well enough to gift me a Hobby Lobby gift card (very well)!

It had been entirely too long since I had been to Hobby Lobby.  I know this because they have rearranged and now carry a wide selection of LARGE canvases.  I need a larger house to store all my large paintings.  I love painting large canvases.  I left the store with a much needed disposable pallet and am going to get to replenish some of my paint which I desperately need.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chair Recovering - Memorial Day Project

Before/after pictures are the best.  Luckily I located the "before" picture this morning.

I have this shot of an old chair cushion. They came with the chairs I bought back in 2005 for very little! They were a Columbus find.
I didn't want to spend a lot of money recovering the cushions but my tush was getting store when studying (the padding had worn down along with the fabric itself).  The studying starts back up next week so I really wanted to get these done this weekend.  I am very impressed how they turned out.  Did you know to cut foam you can use an electric carving knife?  I bought one just for the occasion.  Best $14 ever spent!

This is the war zone.  Note the electric carver.

Old cushion vs new cushion...

Lining up the fabric

AND the finished products...


The fabric was from HOBBY LOBBY!

I may or may not have caused myself 3 injuries (with blood) throughout this project.  Not too surprising...this is why I should stick to painting.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updates - Triumph Art Show and Etc

Thank you to my amazing friend (/little) and art show supporter, Ashley Vines.  She made me take this picture at the art show when we stopped by.  Otherwise I would have been shy and would have regretted not taking the picture.  I actually met the girl today at the Magic City Art Show who purchased the painting.  I am more than flattered and am waiting to see how the other paintings fare.

It's been a somber week around Alabama. I am extremely blessed and so are most of my friends and coworkers.  An event like this makes you grateful for all you have when you see pictures of those who have lost everything....just miles away.  I have heard many sad, depressing stories.  In fact, I have had to pry myself away from radio and tv.  Today I visited the Boy Scout troop drop off in Vestavia loaded with water, diapers, and batteries.  They were working tirelessly and the amount they have collected is simply amazing.  That is just one small Boy Scout troop.  Examples like that are all across town.  The help and support from the community and across the country is heartwarming. 

I had my fence built 2 days before the storms hit.  We knew storms were on the way and I wanted to get it built before the rain while I had a "not-so-busy-week."  I am lucky it is still standing and tried to ensure it's going to last for a long time by painting it today with polyurethane.  Not exactly the painting I like to do but I hope it pays off...

Off to paint.  I did some paint room organizing when I was without power.  It was needed!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Art Show...

I delivered these paintings to Triumph Services today.  The show is a week from this Thursday.  (By that time I will be on summer vacation...yea!)

Fish Out of Water 2 (30x40)

Girl towers (10x20?)

Couple Dancers (16x20)

Dance Floor (16x20)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Calm after the storm...

It is amazing how BEAUTIFUL a day can be after a storm.  My azaleas LOVED the rain.  I was going to give them another day before I photographed but I couldn't wait.

I also wanted to show my growing list of precious invites (baby announcements and showers).  My friends are multiplying! Two years ago these would have been wedding showers!  I will never get sick of invites.  To me, invitations are art that is unfortunately becoming extinct (or rather morphing into an online medium).  It was my dream in college to open an invitation/stationary store.  I still haven't completely let it go...

(P.S. I think vuvox is having a problem.  My slideshow has been mia (along with their website).  No complaints...after is free. :))