Friday, May 11, 2012

Business Cards

I cannot remember how long ago I first mentioned business cards.  Exactly one day after I finished my last final, I designed two! They came in this week.  Thanks to Tiny Prints for the $20 gift card.  Two of my very favorite pictures are on the cards.  Not sure when I will be using them...but good to have nonetheless!

The back is precious with a leaf imprint design.  I am not showing the picture because my phone number is listed and I am not sure I want to broadcast that on the web quite yet, especially with the spam messages I've received lately.

I will be learning Photoshop soon to edit pictures.  I AM SO EXCITED.  Maybe I can channel the inner nerd from middle school.  I had a website on geocities and made graphics of animals and my friend and I would "adopt" them out to homepages.  Too much info?  :)  I purchased the software with my student ID.  I have to live it up while it lasts. :)