Monday, April 13, 2015

More Dog Doodles...Toby and Mia

Brody's watercolor was just the beginning.  I went on to paint my nephew dog, Toby, for my brother in law's birthday surprise.  This is Toby's pensive look.

Then I went on and painted Mia for Sarah.  When I think of Mia, I think of her head tilt.  So of course I had to paint it in the photo.  Sarah met us in Utah to ski this past week so I was able to hand deliver the painting below in person.  I meant to get a photo of us in Park City with the painting but I got wrapped up in the excitement of the surprise delivery and forgot! 
I am still working on the best way to photograph/scan/share the images with you.  It's as they say...practice makes perfect!

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